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"We are residents of Estates of Shaddock in Frisco. We want to take this opportunity to thank Karen and Greg, who steered our construction journey without any hard stops. From the day I signed the contract to the closing day, Karen was the go-to person. Millions of doubts, confusions, frustrations through out the construction process and Karen was there to clarify all of them patiently. Most of the time we walked into her office with confusion and walked out with clarity! And of course we enjoyed the cold water during peak summer! One of the best qualities Karen has is response time. We truly appreciate her immediate response to our questions anytime. Now for Greg, an amazing guy who understood not only our needs, but also our customs. The closing date and time are very important and without Greg I think we would have not been in the house as expected. He expedited the construction wherever possible. During the construction we used to come almost every evening to check the progress. It was always a pleasant surprise with the progress from foundation to the final finish. We nicknamed him Magician after seeing his ability to get things done in hours. He had a solution for everything and we still remember the kitchen cabinets and corbels, without his extra effort we would have missed our dream kitchen. We are glad to be part of Shaddock community and give our sincere thanks to Karen and Greg who made it possible."

Anil & Sangeetha E.

"This is going to be a long read, but I promise you that it will be worth it. So grab a glass of wine or a beer, and maybe some popcorn. My name is Michael Doan; my wife and I recently closed on our new Shaddock home in the Estates at Rockhill in Frisco. We have been Frisco residents since 2000, and we told ourselves that we would never live as far north as highway 380. But look at us today -- we have moved to FM423 and highway 380. You are probably wondering, if we told ourselves that we would never be that far north, then why and how did we end up so far north? Two words: Shaddock Homes. I do not remember the exact timeframe, but we first learned about Shaddock Homes around 2006. We enjoyed walking through new home construction and we walked through the homes at Shaddock Creek Estates (and the Sotherby homes at Waterstone). We were just so mesmerized and in such awe at the LEVEL OF CUSTOMIZATION, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and LEVEL OF QUALITY with those homes, but owning a Shaddock home was merely wishful thinking for us back then. Fortunately, today, through successes of our careers (and maybe some luck), our dream has come true. It is that kind of REPUTATION that drove my wife and I to build a Shaddock home so far north with our friends. Yes, our friends also built a Shaddock home next to us! Although that reputation alone was enough for us to choose Shaddock, there were other determining factors. We love Shaddock floor plans, especially our 5248. The floor plans are well thought out with a tremendous amount of style and character. Having the master bedroom and a bedroom downstairs makes it convenient for parents and their baby, or a couple and their elderly parents. Having bedrooms that do not share common walls is great for noise/sound isolation. In addition to that, I cannot sing enough praise about Joe Callender and Tim Long. They are both a rare breed with a great passion for what they do. Joe is one of the very few sales consultants I have met that thoroughly knows the products that he sells and is able to answer most, if not all, of our questions. His challenge was not to sell us on a Shaddock home, but to sell us on the area/community. It is almost as though Joe put himself in our shoes. Furthermore, he also gives solid home building advice; when I meet other Shaddock customers, I always tell them to trust uncle Joe, because he has lived in Frisco for many years and has BEEN WITH SHADDOCK FOR MANY YEARS. Likewise, Tim is one of the very few I have met that UNDERSTANDS CUSTOMER SERVICE. Throughout our entire build process, Tim has gone above and beyond in making us feel important. I have sent him numerous emails on late Sunday evenings and have received replies just minutes later, even if it was a simple acknowledgement. He has always been RECEPTIVE to our questions, concerns, and feedback throughout the entire build process. It is also not surprising that Tim has also BEEN WITH SHADDOCK FOR MANY YEARS. Those guys are all about building homes, and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. I know that there are a lot of hands involved in building a home, many we have no contact/interaction with, but to us, the customer, Joe and Tim are the face of Shaddock. I have found them to HAVE HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. It is not surprising that we have visited Joe (and our house) on a regular basis during the build just to enjoy his company. And now that our house is finally complete, we will continue to make time to visit Joe. In closing, I have been in my career for over 24 years, but I have worked in many industries. I have observed that your more successful companies almost always have: a) employees that are happy and satisfied with their work and their employer, AND b) customers that are happy and satisfied with the product or service. If the employees are passionate about their work and employer, then they are empowered to provide a highly satisfactory level of service to customers. When that happens, the company will thrive. It is a synergistic relationship between employer/employee/customer that makes a company successful. Based on what we have experienced so far, it is no surprise that Shaddock has this synergy. Our entire Shaddock experience has been a dream for us, and I think I can speak for our friends too. So from the bottom of our hearts, to all involved, thank you for building our Shaddock dream home. P.S. I will also throw a kudo/shout-out to David Price at Shaddock Creek Estates. My wife and I stopped by the model to get design ideas (but David and I ended up talking about cars, hehehe). He made us feel very welcome and important, despite us building with Joe."

Michael and Becky Doan - Estates at Rockhill Homeowners

"What we liked most about our experience with Shaddock Homes would be how custom we could really make it. The materials offered to choose from and the customer service from all associates made it a dream experience!"

Courtney D. - KingsBridge Homeowner

"Kim was outstanding throughout the whole process, she was very helpful & knowledgeable, we loved working with her. She is an asset to Shaddock homes. Our builder Yancy was very helpful too."

Rehman L. - Lexington Country Homeowner

"We are proud about the selections and the end product looks good!"

Linda B. - Estates at Rockhill Homeowner

"Karen was extremely helpful throughout, Shaddock seem to work with me on a personal level and assist my family and I with our cross country move. She was outstanding and went above and beyond in meeting my families needs."

Kris S. - Inspiration Homeowner

"Michelle was one of the most thorough people I know. Her expertise was extremely valuable in helping guide this entire process. She was so invested in our experience that we felt that she was an extension of our family. She showed genuine care and concern for our happiness and satisfaction. Her communication was second to none. She was just a pleasure to work with. Our visit to Light Farms dates back longer than 3 years, it was because our initial introduction to Michelle that we came back to finally purchase. We had many questions and she never short cut us on time or attention. I cannot say enough about Michelle, she was a blessing and I'm happy we were able to go through this experience with her. My family is beyond happy with our home. She's truly an asset to the organization and takes to heart her client. I'd be remiss not mention Terry's care for us throughout the process. He made sure he was informative about needed changes and the process along the way. He was patient in explaining the details and answering all of our concerns. He handles us with care and although we experienced delays it was all worth it in the end. His expertise was also crucial throughout the process and tending to outstanding issues to make sure that were reconciled. We've built many homes, most builders aren't as personable but Terry took the time although very busy to make the experience human and comfortable for us. Great team in the Light Farms Shaddock community!"

Morrell J. - Light Farms Homeowner

"Don Speckman was extremely helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to work with."

Michael & Karen - Melton Ridge Homeowners

"The one think that make the process easy and enjoyable was the people we that were working with us through the process. Mrs. Kelly Dennis was always very helpful when we did our original choices and she always offered some alternative if something we wanted could not be achieved. We can not say enough good things for Mr. Kyle Little. He was always present through every step of the building process. He always addressed any concerns we had and made sure we were happy with the final results in every building stage. Thank you Kelly and Kyle!"

Chester H. - Parker Ranch Estates Homeowner

"We moved from Boston, so we were not able to come in person to see the house, Alan was quick and very helpful in sharing the home videos and FaceTiming with us. He was always on time and ahead of the process in helping us, that helped us to complete our process quick and smooth."

Madhavilatha G. - Villages of Stonelake Estates Homeowner

"Cam and Zach from the Southwest team and Stephanie from the Design Center, and while she is not a Shaddock employee, Carol Morse from Porter Lighting. All wonderful to work with! We have visited the other homes in our community built by American Legend and Britton Homes and feel confident to report that Shaddock Homes has the best floor plans and finishes. We also want to recognize our sales partner Cam and home builder Zach for their accessibility and responsiveness, they are a true dream to work with and have secured our trust and respect."

Brent & Lisa W. - Castle Hills Southwest Homeowners

"Karen was very personable and great to work with. She made us feel important and not like just another buyer. More like a friend!"

The Lovejoys - Inspiration Homeowners

"From the first day we walked into the sales center, it felt as if we were dealing with a genuine person who didn't come off as "sales-sy." Karen was extremely patient and guided us on making the most informed decisions. Her no pressure and warm attitude was definitely a quality to be appreciated - well done Shaddock!!!"

Manu Sethi - Inspiration Homeowner

"100% of our experience I really have to attribute to Karen. She gave us such amazing guidance and advice from the moment we walked in the door at the model home, until the day we signed our closing documents. She invested so much time in us and we couldn't have had a better experience! It has been a dream come true!"

Courtney D. - KingsBridge Homeowner

"We can't express our gratitude enough to both Karen and Zach in this process. Our feelings are very positive. If we had a concern/issue, it was handled professionally and completely. All good."

The Hintz - Castle Hills Homeowners

"Thanks to your company and the excellent service provided by Karen Roseboro, I'm enjoying the coziness of my new home. Not only did Karen provide helpful advice regarding the color of my cabinets, type of flooring, wiring choices, etc. but her ready smile made my first home building experience even better than I expected. She let me know all the important information regarding the building procedures and uncomplainingly listened to my indecisiveness on making design decision choices. She has a caring approach and is a true professional. I would especially like to commend Karen for her professionalism and would recommend your company to anyone needing a new home in the future. Keep up the good work."

Nakia B. - Inspiration Homeowner

"The salesperson was very prompt, answered all my questions. Was very helpful throughout the home building process. Very knowledgable about the community and near by developments."

Swaroop K. - Estates at Rockhill Homeowner

"The finish out was excellent, as was the customer service. Kelly was very easy to work with and knew everything!"

Patrick C. - Parker Ranch Estates Homeowner

"Mike Yost did a stellar job helping our family with the construction of our home. He kept us informed, always treated us with respect, and answered our questions in a timely and courteous manner. Mike did an awesome job and we greatly appreciate it! This is our 2nd time building a home and I can say that the quality and value with Saxony (and Mike) was much better than our previous experience. We appreciate all he did to get us closed on time!"

The Aday Family - Inspiration Homeowners

"What we appreciated most about Shaddock Homes was the respect and the time devoted to us. David Price was professional and patient through the entire process. We are very excited to move in this weekend! We are so glad we selected Shaddock Homes. The entire organization was responsive and displayed genuine care for us and the process. We will recommend Shaddock to our dearest friends and family."

Curtis & Kelly Collier - Shaddock Creek Estates Homeowners

"Sales person was always there to answer any type of questions, even on the days he was off. Always returned calls. Guided us through the process and how to make best out of my money with valuable suggestions. Builder - What can I tell. Very nice person, always attend the problems pointed out (very few times though) even after the house is closed. Overall was happy to work with the builder. Both Sales (Joe) and Builder (Allen) were amazing to work with, we have built a good relationship during this building process. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to build or buy."

Narendra N. - Estates at Rockhill Homeowner

"I am in the process of building my second Shaddock house. To me there is not a better new home builder out there building sub million dollar homes. They do not cut corners and they use excellent products and contractors to build their houses. I am beyond thrilled to be building a new home for my family with them."

Jason Goodwyn - Villages of Stonelake Estates Homeowner

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