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  • "Michelle and Terry have been excellent to work with. They are both very personable, we couldn’t ask for a better support team. Thx y’all!"

    Budz Family - Light Farms Homeowners

  • "Karen was a leader. She also took the time to look and consider details that we hadn't necessarily experienced before and we could tell she enjoys what she does. She was our backbone during the building process and a voice of reason when we had concerns or needed reassurance. She is talented, always available, relatable, friendly but also strong minded. All of those traits and talents penetrated the success of our new home.

    Stephanie was very helpful. I love interior design and aesthetics and I actually dreaded going to this appointment because I was afraid I was going to have to work with someone trying to persuade me into something else. She can read the room, she stepped in when we had questions, had wonderful recommendations when we asked and was patient and thorough. She also was very friendly, relatable and you can tell she also enjoys her job.

    Greg is a hustler. We were not so easy on him in the beginning because of our previous building experience. It's almost like he had to gain our trust not with words, but actions and HE DELIVERED. From the very beginning he mapped out a week by week plan and we were shocked by that. He truly kept to that schedule unless unforeseen events happened out of anyone's control. He manages the different crews like clockwork and he takes pride in his work. He's a quick thinker, detail oriented, prideful, outspoken and hardworking. You can tell at the end he really didn't want you to even find one spot that needed touched up with paint. He wanted to beat you to it. If I could hug Greg and then tell him one thing that would have helped even more, would be to try to be a little more buttery. Sometimes his responses or tone (usually in text/emails) which I believe were completely unintentional could come off as harsh, short or in a way that could make someone feel like we were being shrugged off. We personally were able to see through it because we know he has one goal and that is to successfully build our home, but someone else might not be able to see through that. This is not from an unhappy heart. Greg is the machine behind our beautiful home and we are grateful. I have to think he is probably one or the BEST builders you have. He gets an A+"

    Pasekoff Family - Edgewood Homeowners

  • "We would like to thank the entire Shaddock team, especially Maria and Jayson (Village at Twin Creeks) for excellent customer service. They made our home buying and build experience stress free by keeping us informed about each and every detail throughout the build period. Both Maria and Jayson were quick to address all of our questions and concerns, which really helped. Thanks again!!"

    Khawaja Family - The Village at Twin Creeks Homeowners

  • "John Jay did a wonderful job on the issues I raised and he took care of the one's that are covered and provided nice suggestions for the one's not covered, I like his frequent updates on the tickets."

    Kadiyam Family - Villages of Stonelake Estates Homeowners

  • "We appreciated the responsiveness and professional demeanor of the Shaddock representatives we worked with.(Alan Wolff, Michael Gionta, Stephanie McMillan). They worked tirelessly on our behalf to resolve all of our questions and concerns. Any issues we had were resolved in a satisfactory manner."

    Walden Family - Wilmeth Ridge Homeowners

  • "I had a wonderful experience with Diane Horn and Robert Durham. Robert especially was very helpful and walked me through the building process. Diane Horn was very helpful and always made herself available to answer all my questions."

    Heidkamp Family - Whitestone Estates Homeowners

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