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Energy Efficiency

The Shaddock Homes’ commitment to building energy-efficient and more cost-effective homes for our clientele has never been more relevant than it is today. See why we have the most comprehensive energy program in DFW.

HERS Rating System

The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index is a scoring system that measures a home’s energy efficiency and can tell you a LOT about your home! The lower the HERS Index, the more energy efficient a home is! This transfers to lower energy costs.

A certified third-party Home Energy Rater assesses the energy efficiency of a home, assigning a relative performance score. The U.S. Department of Energyhas determined that a typical home score 130 on the

HERS Index while a standard new home is awarded a rating of 100.






 Some variables included in the score include:

  • Exterior walls 
  • Floors Over Unconditioned Spaces
  • Ceilings and Roofs
  • Attics, Foundations and Crawlspaces
  • Windows and Doors
  • Vents and Ductwork
  • HVAC Systems, Water Heating Systems and Thermostat

Radiant Energy Barrier

Our Radiant Barrier decking used with shingled roofing keeps your attic cooler by deflecting heat from the sun. Reduction in monthly air condition bill by up to 17%. Our Radiant Barrier uses wood certified under Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards.

Thermo-ply® Structural Sheathing

Thermo-ply® Structural Sheathing helps enhance energy efficiency, reduce condensation and create an attractive, long-lasting home exterior. We believe that as the thermal performance of buildings become tighter in the drive towards more energy-efficient homes, insulation that can perform for the long term in such demanding environments, plays a vital role.

16 SEER HVAC Units

The higher the SEER means MORE electric savings. Compared to a standard 13 SEER unit a 16 SEER unit provides o average a 38% electric cost savings. Because the energy used in homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants, which contributes to smog, acid rain and risks of global climate change, you will not just be saving money, but you will be doing your part to help our environment.

PEX Plumbing

Zurn® PEX Plumbing Systems are clean and healthy – no need to worry about harmful substances leaching into your drinking water. Zurn® PEX is completely sanitary. It doesn’t amplify sounds like copper systems and is corrosion resistant to mineral buildup. Unlike copper, Zurn® PEX tubing will expand up to 300% of its original size without damage to resist the effects of freezing.

R-38 Attic Insulation

The higher the R-Value, the better the thermal performance of the insulation. R-25 is acceptable in North Texas but R-38 comes in every Shaddock Home as part of our higher standards practice, saving you money and providing better comfort.

Rheem Tankless Water Heaters*

These space-saving, long-lasting water heaters provide an endless stream of clean, hot water for all your appliances simultaneously without temperature fluctuations. And all while saving you up to 40% in energy costs!

Low-E VINYL Windows

Low-E Windows use protective coatings and improved frames to reduce the air infiltration and to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiant heat flow. High performance windows are critical to building an efficient home

Weyerhauser Edge GoldTM & TJI Joists

Edge Gold is the OSB sheathing that makes up the flat surface on the floor. These panels withstand the elements so well that Edge Gold supplies a 50-year warranty on the product. Each panel is touch-sanded to provide a uniform appearance and tighter thickness tolerances. The TJI Joists provide stability that helps floors from warping, twisting, and shrinking – making framing material even stronger.

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*Rheem Tankless Water Heaters are available in select Saxony Series communities.

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