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New v Used

Why buy new?

You’re ready to buy a new home. Will that home actually be new or a resale? The price of an older home might be enticing, but you should understand the “cost” of making this choice.

  • Cost

    The total cost of ownership: Add it up!

    The price you pay for your home is just the beginning when you’re purchasing a resale home. Your total cost of ownership is the sum of the purchase price, maintenance, utilities, property tax, insurance, and HOA.

    Factor in the repairs, remodeling, and replacement—like the water heater, roof, air conditioning system, and appliances. Are you going to replace the flooring, repaint several rooms, and do a “minor” remodel on the kitchen or bathrooms? These are expenses you don’t incur with a new construction home. From a few thousand dollars to considerably more, be sure to include those estimates in your total cost of ownership for an older home in order to compare it to a new home.

  • More Choices

    Choose your finishes.

    Every detail of your home—from the flooring to the door handles—is chosen by you. You have the joy of shopping through our wide array of design selections, rather than living with someone else’s choices.

  • Better Warranty

    Peace of mind protection.

    Your new construction home is covered by the builder’s warranty and manufacturer’s warranties for everything from the appliances to the roof. Shaddock Homes includes a tankless water heater, which is guaranteed for 20 years, and our roofing is covered for up to 30 years! Live worry-free with a new home or cross your fingers with a resale—because the repair costs must be covered by YOU!

  • Energy Efficiency

    Reap the energy savings.

    The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) estimates a new home is 30% more energy efficient than an existing one. That’s because the building code standards are tougher and the method and materials are far superior to what we had even a few years ago. Saving 30% on heating, electricity, and water presents a significant savings, but Shaddock Homes aims higher. Our Rheem tankless water heater saves 40% and our 16 SEER air conditioner saves 38%.

  • New means New

    Move-in ready is really ready.

    Breathe in the new home smell! No one has lived here before you. There are no scuff marks on the floors, no chips or dings on the doors, trim, or cabinets. No questionable wiring or plumbing issues. Everything is new, clean, and works. There’s nothing to do but unpack.

  • Smart Technology

    Start smarter.

    Your new home is wired for today’s technology. USB outlets and pre-wiring to accommodate your growing list of smart devices make it easy for your home to keep up with you, rather than hold you back.


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