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Home Trends: Decorating for Fall

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The weather is finally cooling down and we’re gearing up for the cooler months ahead! One of the greatest things about fall is that it’s the kick-off of the holiday season and we’re all about celebrating with festive décor. We’ve complied a list of some of our favorite design trends and tips to update your home for this season.

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Homemade Paper Banners
One trend we’re really excited about is paper banners. You can create paper banners of leaves, bats or anything your heart desires and also make it a fun family activity. You can use foil paper, patterned paper or even layer your banners in so many ways. This craft costs very little to make and is easy to swap out as often as you like. We personally love a classic fall toned leaf banner.

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Unconventional Pumpkins
We know that pumpkins have always been a Halloween staple, but we’re seeing more and more of untraditional colors of pumpkins for décor. While we love the classic orange pumpkins, we think mixing it up and decorating your home with muted toned pumpkins gives a beautiful farmhouse feel while still being festive. We are loving this sage and cream collection from SF Girl. The beauty of this trend is that they’ll carry over décor-wise for after Halloween!

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Wall Hangings
One of the bigger trends over the last few years has been yarn wall hangings. There have been simple ones, macramé and even intense woven ones. But one fun idea is to create one you can change out all year long based on the season. We love this one featured on the abeautifulmess blog. It’s a simple touch that updates your room from summer to fall.

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Gold Accents
When in doubt about your fall décor you can always play it safe by acquiring gold accent pieces! Gold is something you can have in your home year around, but it’s particularly appropriate around the fall through the new year. It adds warmth to your home and you can utilize gold accents in so many ways! We love this combination of gold, candles and earthy elements.

Photo by Ifrah Akhter on Unsplash

Cozy accents are definitely a must at this time of year. Stock up on blankets you can display, new throw pillows and candles but also consider adding velvet into your cozy mix. Velvet has been gaining popularity again and it’s made its way into home décor. Pick up some velvet pillows in a bold fall color. Or if you’re ready for some major décor changes maybe pick out a velvet furniture piece! The options are endless.

Photo by @courtneyfhill on Instagram

Wreath Update
Give your guests a seasonal style greeting with a wreath update! Wreaths are timeless pieces themselves with a wide variety of ways to style them. You can go for seasonal colors, holiday specific or even get a little wacky. It’s all up to you and how you want to impress your guests. We personally love this wreath one of our homebuyers has displayed for this season.


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